Born a twin on April Fool's Day, 1976 in Bucharest, Romania, Leo Frincu spent the formative years of his life struggling under the oppressive weight of Communism. From the age he could stand on his own two feet, Leo spent hours in line waiting for the week's ration of food and basic necessities. At age six, after wrestling one too many classmates, a neighbor suggested to Leo's weary parents that he join the Steaua Wrestling Team. Barefoot, with ragged attire and equipment but fistfuls of discipline, Leo displayed a remarkable affinity for takedowns and throws.

His love for wrestling outweighing the harsh conditions of Communism, Leo managed to rack up several accomplishments. Awarded with six Romanian Wrestling Championships and several International Gold Medals, he went on to win the World Championship Title in 1994 at the age of 18.

The stringent, restrictive conditions of the regime under which he lived conspiring to build character, determination, and discipline, Leo now aspired for the freedom in which to better his own life and that of others. With that goal in mind, and the Fall of Communism in 1989 having opened the door, Leo jumped at the rare opportunity to leave Romania and train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Leaving daily showers, national recognition, and one daily ounce of thoroughly cooked steak behind, Leo arrived in the United States with $10 in his backpack, four words of English, and great expectations. From washing dishes to digging ditches, from training Olympic Champions to teaching the Boys and Girls' Wrestling Club of Simi Valley, Leo realized the American Dream was still a few more take-downs away.

Combining his work ethic, knowledge, and adherence to discipline, Leo found a way to share his passion for athleticism with others of all ages and walks of life. RESULTS STUDIO became the embodiment of Leo's burning desire to contribute to the community by enabling people to overcome personal adversity and reach their highest goals.


NASM Certified Personal trainer

World Wrestling Title, 1994

Romanian Athlete of the Year, 1994

6-Time Romanian Wrestling Champion

4-Time European Wrestling Grand Prix Champion

California State Champion, 2000, 2001, 2002

CLUJ NAPOCA UNIVERSITY: Romanian Elite Athletes' Class, 2000

Trainer and Coach of U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team, 2003

Organizer of Wrestling Clinics across America

25 years experience in Private and Group Training

Entrepreneur; Business Owner of RESULTS PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO, 2006-Present

Certification in Life Coaching (Career, Relationship & Wellness Specialty) from International Coach Academy - in progress

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