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I’ve been a world-class athlete for most of my life and a professional trainer for almost a decade. Over the years, I have designed different tools to help individuals reach their best potential, in sports and in everyday life.
Your ability to learn is one of the most important roles in the growth process. Therefore, what goes through your head during training is directly related with your performance. In other words, your achievements are the product of your mentality/thinking. We all see lots of champions in sports, either on TV or in real life.  The common thread between a winner and loser is simply desire. Vince Lombardi once said, “In the pursuit of perfection you catch excellence,” which is a mantra or mentality commonly shared between one champion to another. A Champion is someone who is the best at some ability or skill set.
I’m going to talk about what  High Performance Mentality HPM isand why it’s so important in an athlete’s performance.
If I were to define High Performance Mentality in one word, it would be “excellence”.  High Performance Mentality is having a higher level of consciousness. HPM is being aware at all times and having a deeper understanding of the emotional and physical aspects of your behavior/performance.
Let’s go into detail a little more.
Athletes are individuals who practice and train a set of certain skills for a sport/competition/event. Being an athlete requires living a different lifestyle than non-athletes. In order for athletes to improve their performance, they need to dedicate a certain amount of time (longer rather than shorter) practicing/training their skills. Bottom line, being an athlete requires TRAINING. But what is training?
Lots of athletes are familiar with the regular (non-intelligent) way of training. In the best case scenario, they set up a structure as if they’re engaging in any training regiment. That structure usually involves a physical focus, such as, training schedule/routine. Believe it or not, most athletes often don’t take into consideration the mental/psychological aspect of their training. They don’t pay attention or consider the importance of what goes through their head during training and the importance of this. Remember, what goes through your head will manifest into your actions which will be directly related to your results.
When you engage in a physical activity (training), whether you like it or not, faulty behavior may go unnoticed if you’re not aware of your thoughts. This faulty behavior is your sabotaging subconscious known as “poor performance”. This will prevent you from reaching your best potential. The  High Performance Mentality will prevent this faulty behavior from happening. High Performance Mentality will help you perform at your highest level. HPM will help you reach your best potential.
Here are a few example of HPM:
* When you start any exercise, your brain will pick up a movement pattern and will allocate a certain amount of energy to that particular exercise.  After a period of time (1-2 minutes, 2 sets, 1 round or whatever the case might be) your body will start to fatigue and slowly you’ll notice a decrease of intensity/form. However, it will take some time until your brain notices this and sends the signal to your body/muscle/respiratory-system to make the proper adjustment (and generate the needed energy to sustain that particular effort). By then you’re experiencing a decrease in form/performance. By the time your brain (your conscious self) detects this, your form is already compromised. High Performance Mentality is being completely aware of your form and performance at all times and making the necessary adjustments to maintain a perfect form throughout your entire performance. HPM is being in control.

Another example.
* As you’re getting tired, instinctually, your brain will try to protect itself by taking it easy/sabotaging your form and performance. How many times have you heard trainers yelling at their athletes, “Keep you hands up!” or “Get up!” or “Go faster!” or any other basic instruction? How many times have you heard an athlete, while looking back at their match/fight/performance footage, saying, “Wow, I didn’t know I did that”  I bet you have heard that before.
High Performance Mentality helps create a complete awareness field around you at all time. High Performance Mentality is similar to an out-of-body experience.  You rise up above yourself while looking down at your self performing. By doing this, you’ll see every detail of your performance and will be aware of your form from head to toe at all times. HPM is being in control.
When adopting a HPM, you’re assessing your performance at all times during your training. When adopting a HPM, you will take a split second to ask yourself: “How am I doing? Can I push harder? Am I holding back? Am I giving 100% of my effort?” By assessing your performance during training you’ll give yourself the opportunity to make the necessary changes. BBM is being in control.
* HPM helps you block everything that is happening around you during training and helps you focus entirely on your performance. HPM also blocks your emotions from manifesting during your training/performance.  Athletes often play tricks on themselves in order to satisfy their own ego by masking their mediocre performance with emotions. Most mediocre athletes get angry or frustrated as they fail to maintain an excellent form during training.  By doing that, subconsciously they punish themselves, which validates that particular poor performance. For ex: I’m angry/upset because I’m performing like crap, but by getting emotional(angry with myself/others) about it, subconsciously, I’m validating my poor performance. You are an actor and your own audience at the same time. Getting emotional won’t help you perform any better, so why do it? Because by doing it, you trade an excellent performance with emotions. BBM is maintaining perfect form during training and being in control of your emotions. If you let your emotions run wild, it will clog your mentality/thinking and as a result you’ll make poor decisions.
* HPM is helping you reach your best potential. When training with HPM, there is no time limit. You are in the present and only the present moment matters. By being in the moment, you’ll create a complete awareness field around you. Because nothing matters at that time, you’ll be able to focus and give 100% of your attention. There’s no start and no finish. There are no lows and no highs. There’s no friction zone. Now you are reaching your best potential. You are comfortable being uncomfortable because the uncomfortable doesn’t exist anymore. In order to be uncomfortable you need to invest emotions. Since you’re not getting emotional anymore, discomfort disappears. You don’t feel anymore. You will react from a complete state of awareness and from a rational base. You become a machine, a tool and every time you train, you sharpen that “tool”. You see, at that level of high performance, every athlete is pretty much in amazing shape. Everyone has gone through the rigorous training regimen required for the competition. What’s going to separate one from another is their mental approach and their ability to make rational decisions under high pressure. High Performance Mentality will help you perform to your highest capacity when you need it most, during competitions.
Here are a few more short examples of High Performance Mentality ;A) If you are dealing with weight issues, when you’re adopting a HPM, you treat yourself as a tool, as a machine, you don’t have cravings, therefore, you’ll have an impeccable lifestyle. By Adopting a HPM you won’t have weight issues anymore. If you are an MMA fighter, a wrestler, or any other athlete that’s dealing with weight issues, by adopting a High Performance Mentality, all these weight issues become history. You became an outstanding athlete.
B) High Performance Mentality doesn’t stop at the gym, mat, field, weight room, etc… it carries out in every aspect of your life. By adopting a High Performance Mentality you became an all around outstanding person. For the most part, by adopting a High Performance Mentality you’re trading emotional for rational. You’re performing and not acting.

During our lifetime we’ve witnessed many Champions, whom at some point were the best of the best in their field. Now let me ask you, how many of these champions became successful in other aspects of their life?

Unfortunately some of these success stories professionally, didn’t parley in their own lives outside of their career because there wasn’t a balance to sustain any continuity in their own lives after sport.

Now I want to explain how you can translate High Performance Mentality from athleticism to your day-to-day life.

Let’s think for a second… how many skills, sports, disciplines or fields are out there?

There’s a field for everything, therefore there’s a Champion for every field. That can be sports, literature, art, or even family. Consider every aspect of your life as a sport and you are the competitor. For example, consider your job being “track and field”.  An important question to ask would be, “How fast are you running? Or consider “Family” as a discipline and you are the competitor; again, how are you doing? Are you winning or losing?

Like every sport/field, in order to be the best and perform at your highest level, you need to practice. You need to “train” until you master that field. There’s no difference between, let’s say “Communication” (as a profession) and wrestling. In order to become the best wrestler, you need to wrestle constantly. In order to have great communication skills, you are required to have an understanding of people as well as a good vocabulary to clearly convey your point. Now with that being said, you can realize how many fields are. Everything is a field, therefore you can approach everything as a “sport” or “discipline.”

I’m asking you to notice how many Olympic, World, or any type of Champion did well in sports and end up broke or unhappy with their life after retiring? I bet you can come up with some big names such as Mike Tyson or Tiger Woods, just to name a few. Now think how many of them are out there that you haven’t heard about it. I’m sure they’re plenty of them.

Let’s talk about communication skills. How many Olympic Champions or world-class athletes that you know have become very successful and ended up with lots of endorsements despite the fact they have very poor communication skills or none? How you communicate with everyone around you and most importantly how you measure yourself will determine the quality of life you live. Simply stated, what you focus on expands. What you think about, you bring about in your life. You manifest these thoughts into being through communication.

How many World Champions end up with a successful career after retiring from sports if they lack in business as well as personal sensibilities. I believe not many.

In order to do well, by adopting a High Performance Mentality you’ll develop the tools to learn one of the most important skills of all … LIFE.

Think of LIFE like being the Olympic Games where all the sports/fields are competing under one roof.

Now let me explain how High Performance Mentality can help you win a Gold medal at the “Olympics of LIFE.”

As I mentioned before, there are many “skills” out there and Champions or experts to master these skills. Everyone is developing some sort of mentality, discipline or structure to win the Gold medal ONLY in their specific field. However, LIFE requires more than ONE skill in order to win it all. LIFE is more complicated.

It has been shown that if you only master one skill and neglect the other ones or even believe that you don’t need them, eventually you will end up at the bottom. You need to understand that if you don’t acknowledge all the skills required to live a fulfilling life, you will lose that battle.

In order to have a successful career, life, relationship, or anything else that requires human interactions you absolutely need to develop that Black Belt Mentality™.

As athletes, we have coaches, managers and trainers who provide us with a structure and help us win; therefore we don’t have to think, we just have to follow their instructions.

After retiring most athletes are struggling with setting up a structure for themselves. All of a sudden they have become their own coach, trainer or manager. Suddenly they are left with no guidance and no preparation.

In my case, I ended my professional wrestling career a while ago. However, I developed High Performance Mentality whitch helped me win the World Championship in all areas of my life. You need to feel, think and behave with a High Performance Mentality. Often in life, we need to make decision on the spot or under pressure, similar to decisions made when you’re competing.

LIFE is your competition and you are the athlete. In this competition there’s more than one skill required besides the one for which you might have already won a Gold medal.

That proves that you can be successful for a limited time, rather shorter than longer, if you are mastering only one skill (athleticism or any other field). Eventually you will need to master more than one in order to be an all around success. That’s when High Performance Mentality kicks in.

You need to treat every aspect of your life with the exact same importance. There’s no difference between any life situation and a world-class sport event. In order to perform well, they both require hard work, preparation and determination.

Everyone knows in order to perform well, you need to know yourself. You need to know your strengths and develop them and you also need to acknowledge your weaknesses and eliminate them. The better you know yourself, the better the results. One way to find out what your strengths are is by taking responsibility for everything that happens to you. If it happened to you, then you were a part of it. By taking responsibility you have the power to take action. By blaming others for what happens to you, you are giving your power away.

By taking responsibility you’re no longer a victim of your situation, but instead you’re having the power to change it in one or in multiple ways.

For example, People only affect our lives to the extent that we allow them to affect it. No matter how much you perceive someone else as being a positive or a negative part of your life, their impact on your life is totally in your control. If someone else is making your life miserable, you have only yourself to blame by giving them permission to affect you that way. You are in charge.

It’s like sports… How many times have you heard someone blaming his opponent after losing their game/fight? That never happened. Most people rush to blame someone or some outside factors for their losses in life. The first thing you need to do is take responsibility and assess what you’ve done wrong. Then you need to establish how you’re going to prevent that from happening again.

With that being said, you cannot be Champion in only one field and neglect the others and expect to be successful all around.

Having a High Performance Mentality doesn’t necessarily mean having a gold medal hanging around your neck. HPM is something everyone can accomplish regardless of his or her athletic skills. Having a High Performance Mentality is something everyone can develop and master. Whatever thoughts predominantly fill your mind are the experiences that you will have in life. They will eventually become your reality and affect your actions and behavior.

First you need to understand that some “skills” will need more training than others. People need to create awareness about themselves and realize that everything is possible with hard work and perseverance.

Treat LIFE like as a sport. Life needs preparation, passion, hard work and sweat in order to succeed. LIFE is no different than any other sport. In order to have a successful relationship, carrier or anything else you need to “Train” for it. You need to master these skills. You need a High Performance Mentality.

 Once you begin using a High Performance Mentality in the field of LIFE, you will start seeing your strengths and weaknesses and be able to work on them. In the long run, no matter if you’ve already won a Gold medal or not, you will still need to master every field.  Adopt a High Performance Mentality and in the end it will bring you the Gold medal that everyone appreciates and admires. The Gold medal in LIFE.

These are just a few example of how HPM works. High Performance Mentality is for everyone. HPM will turn a regular person into an elite human being. HPM will give you a deep understanding of how the human body, mind, and spirit work. For more about HPM and you can benefit from it, please email me at Leo@ResultsStudio.com . Thank you


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  1. PhilQNY says:

    One of the best articles I have ever read.

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    This article has helped me in my mental focus while training – so inspiring. Thanks for posting.

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