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Are you comfortable? I have bad news for you…

I have written many blogs about self improvement, sports performance, and basically about living your life to your fullest potential. You probably have noticed, it all comes down to your performance. The reason for my teaching is to help you develop a “High Performance Mentality”. It’s an all around mentality that will help you perform at your best in all areas of your life. HPM can help you not only with your personal life but with the professional one as well.  It has been shown many times that you cannot excel only in one area of your life and perform poorly in others. Since everything is related and connected, if you don’t have an outstanding life all-around, eventually failure and disappointment will catch up with you. High Performance Mentality is all about living an all around outstanding life and performing at your highest potential. Now the question occurs, when do I know I’ve reached my highest potential?

You’ve reached your highest potential when you are in a constant state of discomfort.

Let me expand.

By definition, growing is changing. As we start growing we start changing who we are. We start changing our habits, and if you’re on the right path, you’ll eventually start changing your entire lifestyle into a better one. In most cases, the reason for your  growth, is because most people want to become somebody else (usually a better self: wiser, smarter, fitter, etc). However, during this process they’re having a hard time letting go of who they are at the present time. Because they are afraid of changing. The reason why most people are afraid to step into the unknown and embrace the challenge is because they’re not in control of the outcome of their actions. By nature, human beings want to know beforehand the results of their investments. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. That is the main reason why most people don’t grow, because change is uncertain and most of the time uncomfortable. Since change is uncomfortable, so is the growth process. 
Reaching your best potential is being in a constant state of growth, continue progress and self improvement. Since we agree that growth/change/improvement is laborious, so does reaching your best potential. As strange as it might sound, reaching your best potential and having a High Performance Mentality it is actually unpleasant. That’s another reason why more people are not performing to their highest ability. Because it is NOT comfortable. What you need in order to continue growing is being comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s when High Performance Mentality is kicking in.

After reaching a certain level a success, we can’t help to settle in and relax a little. We see that in sports, business, personal life and even relationships. After spending some time in this state of comfort, people are going to cease growing. We’re going to plateau.

In order to prevent that from happening you need to constantly seek growth/change. You need to seek “that” challenge and discomfort. It’s a 24/7 mentality. When you develop a High Performance Mentality, growth will become your new comfort zone. Constant change, being challenged and performing at your highest potential will become part of your new adopted identity. That will be your NEW attitude, your new adopted lifestyle. Adopt a High Performance Mentality today. Turn failure into success. Turn uncomfortable into comfortable and turn your life around into a positive more happier one. Good luck.



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