Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. He is the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.

Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. He is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

The following is the ultimate recipe for success. These 13 habits helped me take my career, body and life to the next level. There are choices you can make every single day that can turn your life around and help you achieve your dreams.

1) Wash your face. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with cold water. Make sure that cold water reaches your ears and all the way around your face till your hair gets wet. The colder the water, the more alert you’ll become. Do it a few times. That will wake up your senses and hopefully yourself.

2) Eat breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast right after you wake up, preferably within 30 minutes. You know you did something wrong, i.e. ate too much the night before if you don’t wake up hungry. Stop with the milk and cereal, you’re not a baby. Stop with the pancakes and pastries, you’re not a child. If you don’t know what to eat, ask someone who does. This is very important, like everything in here.

3) Get out. After you eat, dress up and leave the house. Just go. If you need to stay home due to prior commitments, or because it is the weekends and you need to rest and take it easy, then stay. If not, get out. Leave. Go for a walk or workout if you have time. Go look for a job if you don’t have one. Just leave the house. Don’t just stay in bed and stare at your phone. That’s lame, and you know it.

4) Be on time. Get to work on time. No employer likes to get stuck with someone who’s always late. I did and ended up letting him go. Being on time shows character and respect. Stop blaming the traffic, or your alarm clock, or anything and anyone else. That is weak.

5) Earn. Earn if you need money, or if you want to own stuff or want to go places. Money doesn’t grow on trees. The more money you want, the harder you need to work. Get used to it. Don’t be a leech. Earn a decent income even if your dad or spouse have, or make a lot of money. It is good for you and especially your mind. Trust me.

6) Make it happen. If you have no game plan, go out there and make shit up, like most successful people do. Get a job, quit a bad one, write something, dump a lazy boyfriend or someone who treats you poorly, call someone, sign up for a class or attempt to learn a skill. While making shit up, you’ll find out what you want to do, and whom you want to be. That’s inevitable.

7) Ask questions. Talk less, listen more. No one is born up knowing it all. Everyone makes shit up and hopes for the best. Do the same. Don’t worry about the outcome. You worry anyways by just doing the same thing over and over again and staying the same. If you don’t know what to do, ask someone. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. There are only stupid answers. Keep asking until you find out the right answer, or until you find something that works.

8) Drink water. You can’t make shit up if you feel like crap. Exercise more and drink more water. Don’t ever say “I can’t”. You probably just don’t know how. It is easier to fix “I don’t know” than to fix “I can’t”. Stop with the sodas, coffee drinks or any other calorie-filled liquids. Just stop it. Lions don’t need Gatorade to hunt or the gazelle to run faster. Sugar drinks are bad for you. Educate yourself.

9) Have a drink. Ok, maybe two, but don’t get drunk, or at least don’t get drunk all the time. You act stupid when you’re drunk. Trust me. You do. No one likes to hire an alcoholic or be around one. Therefore, don’t be that guy. Have a glass of wine instead a bottle, a beer or two instead a six pack and face it once and for all that excessive use of alcohol is not good for you. Again, ask for help.

10) Do the right thing. I know it’s hard to do the right thing. No one said it will be easy. But that is not the point. Just do it. Stop looking for the easy fix or the quick gain. Success stories aren’t written in an hour, or overnight. Put in the work, write yours and pass it along. It takes time, sacrifice and patience to become successful. Believe that there’s always a way. Don’t dwell contemplating or hesitate because it was done before, or if it was never done before. Just do your thing.

11) Be cool. Say please and thank you. Be nice to people, call your parents and be there for your kids. Remember, there’s always someone richer, stronger and faster that you. There’s always going to be a faster car, a bigger diamond and a fancier purse out there. Stop comparing with your neighbors and stop trying to be better than others. That is a race you’ll end up losing. Ask anyone. Be humble. Make your money and pick up after your dog. No one likes assholes or to step on dog shit.

12) Just do it. Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. Be the guy who does it all instead of the one who knows it all. Don’t fear making mistakes. You made mistakes in the past, and you’ll continue to make them. Just acknowledge it when you do, apologize and move forward. Mistakes make you human, and believe me; you are human if you can read this.

13) Feel good. Last, but not the least, feel good about yourself. Feel good about your body. Feel good about what you do and who you are. Learn to feel good without drinking, smoking, over eating, over working or without being stimulated by foreign stimulants. Feel good from the inside out. Feeling good about yourself is a learned skill. Do what it takes to master it. I promise it will pay off.

Remember, there’s always a reason we do things, but an even bigger reason for not doing them. Your goal is to know them both.

Thank you and good luck.