These are 8 questions that will help you find out the answer:

1) Do you love your body?

You can’t be a positive person if you are not loving your body, witch mean yourself. Your body, including your stomach, ass, thighs and hips, is who YOU are. You must love yourself before you can love somebody else.

2) Do you love your work?

You can’t be a positive person if you don’t love what you do. By definition, anything opposite to “love” is negative. Therefore, you can’t possibly be positive in a negative work environment.

3) Do you love your friends/partner?

Remember, you attract who you are. Therefore, you are a negative person if your friends are negative. You can’t be a positive person if you choose to hang out with people who hate themselves. Positive will attract positive and negative will attract negative.

4) Do you love your income?

You can’t be a positive person if you’re not happy with the money you make. You worth what you make. You can’t possibly be a positive person if you think you don’t worth much.

5) Do you love everything about yourself?

We all have things we need to work on, however, that is still not a reason to hate yourself. Self worth comes from self love. Accepting that you make mistakes is a sign of self love. You can’t be a positive person if you don’t accept and love yourself unconditionally.

6) Do you love your life?

Loving your life means loving your body, loving your work, loving your friends, loving your income and loving yourself. Anything different is negative.

7) Do you like taking chances?

You can’t possibly love yourself if you afraid to take chances. Taking chances is a sign of confidence and hope/faith. You can only have faith and confidence if you love yourself.

8) Do you have trust?

You can’t love yourself if you don’t have trust. Being positive is being optimistic. Trusting yourself that you are making the right choices and decisions is a sign of self love. Being a positive person is trusting that your future will be better than your past.

These are 8 the basic questions that will help you determine whether you are a positive or a negative person. Good luck.

You are a NEGATIVE person If you answer NO to any of these questions.