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Are you eligible for success? What does Ronda Rousey have over her opponents?

This blog is for all the athletes, particularly the ones who are struggling with the pressure of competition.

Training a few world-class athletes, I have realized a missing crucial element to these competitors’ arsenals: Intensity!

Most people lack this crucial component, which helps one perform at his or her highest potential. I’ll say it again: Intensity. Intensity is the only way you can handle, and fight back against the pressure your previous match. Pressure brings the best or the worse out of you. Intensity, however, is the only tool you need to cut through the maze of negativity and self-doubt that pressure brings. Make no mistake, everyone can work hard, but not everyone is able to bring “intensity” to his or her preparation.

Let me be clear. Intensity and hard work are two different things. Intensity is the ability to control every muscle in your body with the intent of providing a specific result. Hard work is using your muscles, training, or brainpower for the purpose of solving a problem or completing an assignment. Intensity is using your breathing to channel your core energy with the goal of reaching your highest potential. Hard work relates to shortness of breath, a rise in blood pressure, sweat on your brow, any result of great focus and determination.

Intensity is a razor blade, whereas hard work is a butter knife. Intensity is being a sprinter, while hard work is being a marathon runner. Intensity is the laser beam. Hard work is the flashlight. Intensity is maintaining calm in the midst of chaos. Intensity is breathing when everyone else is holding their breath. Intensity is digging deep. Intensity is the inside job. Intensity is jumping out of your comfort zone, both mentally and physically. Intensity can be scary, even nauseating, for those who are not used to it. Intensity is like an ice bath after a hard training, or like a cold shower after a hot sauna.

Intensity is your ability to clear your mind of clutter with the intention of uniting your spirit and body.

Intensity is the same as scaling a high summit. Very few can get there, and when they do, it might be short-lived, but it will always be remembered. Every great athlete has an innate ability to produce this laser beam called “intensity”.

Some have it but don’t know they do. Others have it and know how to use it. Many don’t have it at all. But don’t despair! There’s good news. There are many ways to generate intensity. My one-hour assessment is designed to evaluate one’s ability to generate “intensity”. I have developed a coaching system meant to teach athletes and non-athletes alike to use their God-given intensity to break through and manage the pressure that events bring upon them.

A perfect example of this intensity can be found in the MMA fighter and UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey. Look at her facial expressions and body language when she’s walking towards the octagon before her fight. There is no doubt what her intentions are. She is the perfect definition of what intensity is. Ronda’s ability to focus and stay focused on an objective makes her the best female athlete in the world. Her intensity is so overwhelming to her opponents, she actually wins her fights before ever stepping into the ring.

Whether you are an athlete or not, intensity is a necessary component to a successful career. Goal setting doesn’t require intensity, but achieving goals does. Hard work doesn’t require intensity, reaching your highest potential does.

Here are the most common sides effects of lacking in Intensity:

* Trouble staying focused before a competition

* Want of confidence, having self-doubt

* Negativity toward you skills and your ability to perform

* Hard time warming up before a match/fight;

* Difficulties preparing for your event

* Severe anxiety before your match/event.

What is intensity?

* Intensity is your ability to act correctly under pressure.

* Intensity is your willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

* Intensity is being able to trust your instincts.

Intensity is only possible when you stop living in your head and start connecting with your SELF.

Next time you are about to start your training session, ask yourself: Am I committed to scaling my personal “summit”?