We all strive to achieve our goals. However, how do we know whether or not we’re moving in the right direction? This one-minute read will explain just that.

1) You are moving forward only if you are currently working towards a goal. When I say working towards a goal, I mean literally working on bringing that goal to reality. Believe it or not, the brain doesn’t necessarily know the difference between “thinking about starting something” and actually “working on something.” That’s why most people are procrastinating. They do it because their brain doesn’t quite distinguish the difference between a thought and an action. Mentally, it’s all the same to you. ACTION is what separates the doers from the talkers and achieving from failing. If you are in this stage, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

2) You are standing still when you are not working towards any goals. I usually call this stage “the maintenance stage”. It’s a phase when you are completely content and happy with where you are in your life, both personal and professional. In this stage, you are doing the minimum work required to maintain what you already achieved. Often times, some people’s “minimum” is other people’s “maximum’’ and vice-versa. That is why you don’t judge someone based on the amount of work they put in. It is not your expectations they’re trying to meet, it’s their own. If they’re not happy with where they are in their life, it’s their responsibility to change it, not yours.

3) The third stage is the most popular one. It is called I’m “holding myself back” stage. It’s a stage where most people are finding themselves stuck. You start holding yourself back the moment you say, “I wish” and end up doing nothing about it. You are holding yourself back when you want something and are not doing anything to get it. It is the stage when you are dissatisfied personally and/or professionally. Everyone wants something at any given time. However, you shouldn’t want something just because you like it. When you like something, it just means you appreciate it. When you want something, you’re actually responsible for having it. Thus next time you catch yourself saying, “I wish” or “I want”, ask yourself, what am I going to do about it?

Have a great day.