The majority of your problems in training or exercising exist because you think you have a problem. Well, your “problem” isn’t the problem. Your problem is the belief that you have a problem.

If you are not happy driving a Honda, you won’t be happy driving a Ferrari. If you are not happy with doing seven push-ups you won’t be happy with thirty. If you are not happy with yourself forty pounds overweight, you won’t be happy with yourself at six percent body fat.

This short post is for all the people unhappy with the cars they drive, their strength levels, their bodily appearances. If you want to change the way you look and feel, you must change the way you think.

Your belief system is the result of your thinking.

So, change your thinking to change your belief system to change your body and acknowledge your real strengths.

The main reason you are in your current situation is because you are unhappy with your current situation. Your unhappiness got you here and now and is the main reason you are how you are. How do you expect something to change if you continue thinking as you’ve been?

How do you expect to get out of your current situation if you are not changing the attitudes that got you there in the first place?

It is the same as kicking a dog that bit you, where the biting itself came as the result of your beatings, because you are the dog!

Your actions are driven by the way you feel toward yourself. You can’t hate your Honda for being a Honda, you can’t hate your strength levels for being your strength levels, you can’t hate your stomach because, you guessed it, your stomach is yours! The fat there is just a result of your choices, i.e., eating habits.

You can’t fix something you can’t accept, just as you can’t grow or improve something that doesn’t exist. Why? Because if you don’t accept something, you are, in a way, denying its existence. As I mentioned before, you can’t fix something doesn’t exist.

So what is acceptance? Acceptance is acknowledgement without judgment. What is denial? It’s judgment and repudiation of certain truths. For example, would you hate me because I drive a Honda? Or even more, would you hate my HONDA? If the answer is no (and I hope it is!), then you shouldn’t hate yourself for the same reasons.

The more you judge yourself for being fat, your car for being your car, or your strength levels for being your strength levels, the less chances you have of improving your current situation.

You can only improve something that is real, and real only becomes REAL when acceptance is present. Don’t think of any of it as problem, because once that happens, it’s so much easier to deny. Usually, the one who creates the problem can’t see the problem.

Therefore, the next time you say something like “I hate my stomach,” don’t expect anything to change, or for your stomach to get flat. In fact, the opposite will probably happen.

Remember that your “problem” isn’t the problem. Your belief that you have a problem, i.e., your judgment thereof, is the problem. This belief will only fuel that engine of unhappiness.

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