If the answer is “yes,” then I have good news for you. Becoming successful is easier than you might think.

First of all, let’s define “success.” Rather than being defined by status, body image, money or career, in my opinion, success is a state of mind, or a positive feeling inside your body.  It is a feeling of satisfaction, pride, and peace.

That particular state of mind or positive feeling comes from giving 100% in everything you do. In my case, knowing that I am giving all I have to give brings me peace. And, that’s my motivation: PEACE. My drive to achieve that peace stems from my inner conflict. And, my success is realized when I solve that conflict. As you know, we all have that “voice” in our heads that constantly reminds us who we are, how we should live our life, what we should do, and what we shouldn’t do. For me, success comes from not letting that voice dictate the way I feel and the way I live my life. My advice is, stand up to that voice by not engaging in its reminders, but rather by focusing on giving all you’ve got in your individual tasks. Don’t listen to that voice – instead, listen to your body and to your intuition.

Moving to the U.S. was a great opportunity for me to start all over again. It might look to others as though the move was just a choice I made. But, to me, it was more like I had no other choice. From an early age, I realized that living in a former communist country, giving all I had to give in any situation would still not be enough for me to reach my higher potential. At that time in my life, solving my inner conflict meant moving not just to a different country, but moving to the United States.

I don’t believe in pain, therefore, every day I pursue alleviating pain when pain is present.  I call “pain” anything that doesn’t feel good to me. Whether I am disappointed, or I feel sad, frustrated, angry or just plain unhappy, I label those emotions “pain.” When these negative feelings are present, I immediately start to investigate where they are coming from and what I need to do to change the way I feel.

In order to do that while working on my goals, I don’t necessarily focus on what I’m doing, but rather on how what I’m doing makes me feel.  And, since I don’t feel good until I give 100%, it’s much easier for me to pursue my inner peace than to focus on others or problems outside myself. That’s why I don’t really get depressed or consider myself a failure if I don’t accomplish my goals. I feel the opposite. I feel peace. When I fail – and trust me, I do fail more often than you might think – I understand that the failure comes from the fact that either what I am trying to do can’t be done, or that I just can’t do it. Accepting that knowledge gives me closure, and closure is all we need.

Negativity is painful. Unfortunately, I believe that most people have a high tolerance to pain. That’s definitely not a good thing because by simply tolerating pain, over time, the majority of us become numb to it. Speaking for myself, I can’t stand it. I would rather be exhausted than disappointed. I would rather be alone and successful than popular and unhappy.

Now, I want you to become allergic to your pain.

Don’t accept it.

Don’t justify it.

And, definitely, don’t defend it.

Give your best and the best will follow.

Don’t just become successful; Feel Successful. Give 100% in everything you do and accept the outcome of your efforts.  Whether you are looking for a job or trying to lose weight, whether you win or lose, give your absolute best. Focus on the feeling of satisfaction that brings, and the results will come.




Leo Frincu is a world wrestling champion, author, speaker and performance coach for business leaders and athletes worldwide. To learn more about his training philosophy, check out his latest book, “WELCOME HOME, 3 Simple Steps On How To Reach Your Highest Potential,” available on Amazon and iBooks.