There is only one reason to hire Leo Frincu:  because you want better results than what you've been getting.

Your body is like a high performance vehicle. With proper tuning, it can perform beautifully and bring tremendous satisfaction. But if you want superior results, you must give that vehicle – give your body – the best care possible.

For your body, for the results you want, the best choice is Leo Frincu.

A former world champion himself, Leo learned the principles that will help you efficiently achieve the goals you desire — whether that’s losing 20 lbs. or winning your own championship title.

As an escapee of communist Romania, Leo brings a remarkable perspective on how to get the best from yourself, under pressure, every time – and how to find the inner reserve to win against all odds.

As the lead trainer and owner of Results Studio, a cutting-edge gym in Southern California, Leo’s training strategy outpaces all others, because he knows that physical success starts with mental success.

His “High Performance Mentality” coaching is unique — a training philosophy customized for your particular goals and desires. Leo will help you create a field of self-awareness that carries into every aspect of your life. You will learn how to live your best life, in the high performance body you want, every single day.

Leo says, “I don’t make promises, I deliver.”

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