Very inspiring. Great for anyone who is wanting to make positive changes in their life. Great for the whole family.

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A Must Read
I must say that this book is truly inspirational... You don't have to be a MMA fan to enjoy this book. It has motivated me to not only be successful but to be a better person, husband and father.

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Awesome Book
Choosing Freedom is a great, heartwarming and compelling story of the trials and tribulations of one individual. I run a halfway house and am buying more copies for the residents!!

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An Amazing Journey
A fantastic read into the journey of a determined and positive man through all kinds of adversities. Anyone would take away life lessons from this book to use today and for years to come.

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Raw, Inspiring Ride
Leo Frincu is the real deal, a living example of the American Dream. His highly accessible narration takes the reader into a world that is by turns funny, sad, and exciting.

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Choosing Freedom, written by Leo Frincu, is a story about an individual who, despite his circumstances, is able to succeed in all areas of his life. This intriguing story will take you from a view of Communism from the eyes of a young boy all the way to a grown adult who is now living the American dream. It is a heartwarming story where you learn about the struggles and triumphs of a young man trying to discover who he is based on his past, his present, and his dreams. This story will have you examining your own life and the decisions you have made to better yourself.

Leo’s story is a compelling narrative that keeps the reader in its thrall until the end. It is a story of resilience and grit yet is tender and heartwarming. This book delivers a powerful message for anyone with goals and dreams. It is more than a story of personal sacrifice and dedication. It reveals the possibilities and obstacles inherent in the human condition and provides a psychological road map for digging deep and achieving success.


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