We all know that shelter-at-home means a lot of boring, same-old-same-old meals with your kids. Trust me. I know exactly what you’re going through. Not fun.

Until one day it dawned on me that if I could change that — if I would just think outside the box.  So right then and there it was decided:  pandemic or no pandemic, we were going to eat out.

So I cooked and packed my daughters’ dinners, and we drove up to Mulholland Drive — to the Charles And Lotte Melhorn Overlook.

And we ate dinner in the trunk of my Ford Edge!

It was a fantastic, wonderful experience full of life-long memories.

And then, do you miss having dinner at your favorite restaurant? I do. I’ve been dreaming of the day when we can enjoy a meal at our favorite place again, Trattoria Del Sole.

So outside the box we went… if they can’t open their doors, I can bring the table and chairs.  And of course, the trunk of my car!

So I packed a table, chairs and a tiny bit of wine (hidden in coffee cups, of course) and we set-up camp in their parking lot. The weather was beautiful, the food was terrific, and the kids and I had a ball. More wonderful memories for life.

I hope sharing this brings a small ray of sunshine, perhaps a smile to your face. Things are really tough right now. It’s important that we look for — even create — little things to brighten our days and bring us closer together. Here’s to thinking outside the box and making our lives a little nicer.

Have a beautiful day. Thank you and God Bless.