Wrestling Vs Jiu Jitsu

Do you know what wrestlers and judo athletes have that Jiu Jitsu ones don’t?


A Sense Of Urgency is what most Jiu Jitsu athletes are missing in their quest to reach peak performance.

How are you going to gain that sense of urgency if you are a Jiu Jitsu athlete? I’ll answer that question with another question. What is it that the sports of wrestling and Judo have that Jiu Jitsu doesn’t?


Taking the opponent down to the mat can be one of wrestling and Judo’s biggest move with the most scoring points, but also one of the most spectacular ones. These moves are known as “throws” in the combat sport community. Throws usually happen at a faster pace and have higher consequences than other moves do. Throws can occur right at the beginning of the wrestling or Judo match. These moves, however, aren’t something Jiu Jitsu athletes have to worry about. Also, in order to make these throws happen, you need a lot of explosive energy, which also demands a higher level of intensity. When these throws happen, you can lose or gain a lot of points or the match altogether. This forces the wrestler and judo player to be more alert, which subsequently creates that sense of urgency. The absence of throws in Jiu Jitsu is what makes the Jiu Jitsu athlete more relaxed and, believe it or not, more inclined to hold back. In fact, in training, most Jiu Jitsu athletes prefer to start their matches from the “guard,” which is a seated position, the complete opposite of how a Judo or wrestling match should begin. Guess what? No one can throw you once you are already on the ground, thus you have less to worry about. However, by adopting this approach you are taking away the “sense of urgency’ from your performance and therefore increasing your chances of walking away feeling like you could have done better. The reason why most high profile Jiu Jitsu athletes like Romulo Barral and Edwin Najmi are so successful is because they understand and implement wrestling within their training regiment. These guys are not afraid to get thrown around. Without even knowing it, they are creating that sense of urgency to their game, and of course, a higher chance of winning their matches. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of winning in Jiu Jitsu, put the Gi away and put your wrestling shoes on. Start getting comfortable with the idea of being thrown to the ground, and I guarantee you’ll feel more alert, become more intense and walk away feeling more accomplished. Thank you, good luck, and be safe.