• Leo is phenomenal.  The training, or rather coaching I received from him is very different from what I expected, in a good way.

    Eve Y., Los Angeles CA

  • Leo is the best trainer I’ve ever seen. He understands what most trainers don’t — that before you can transform the body, you must transform the mind.

    Paul G., Los Angeles CA

  • Leo is incredible!  He is incredible at helping people focus on exactly what we need to do to achieve the goals we want.

    Carolyn B., Los Angeles CA

  • I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds just by eating well and exercising and I finally feel like I’m not embarrassed of my looks anymore.

    Caitlin H., Los Angeles CA

What if you could train with a world champion wrestler and transformational coach in his world-class gym in Studio City, California?

Well, now you CAN!  One-on-one, for eight full weeks!

Leo Frincu’s philosophy is simple: to create excellence in your body, you must fully engage the mind. To have a world-class body, you must learn to think like a world-class athlete in and outside the gym.

That’s why Leo developed his one-to-one 8 WEEKS TRAINING PROGRAM — to give you all the personal guidance and concrete tools necessary to succeed!

Act today and reshape your body in 8 weeks with an individualized nutrition plan, custom training routines, and 24/7 personal support.


Start your new life with Leo today!

Not in the Los Angeles area?

Check out Leo’s 8 Weeks High Performance Video Course!

Leo Frincu

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