Excessive weight gain is due to a spiritual and emotional deficit, and in most cases, obesity is not related with food.

The fact is: 40 percent of obese people have struggled with their weight since childhood. Regardless of this fact, 80 percent of all obese people have weight issues due to an emotional set back.

It is not until someone reaches adulthood do they realize that there is an issue with their weight. Often times, most people aren’t aware, nor remember nor care about the roots of their weight problem. However, with the help of today’s media, they start blaming fast food for their excess fat.

If you are overweight, I want you to ask yourself, when exactly did your weight become a problem?

I believe that your weight doesn’t become an issue just because your doctor’s tells you about the consequences of being obese. It usually happens way before that. Have you never seen an obese child complaining about his excess weight? Of course not. This doesn’t happen until a child is bullied or teased about his weight. Your weight becomes a problem shortly after you experience an emotional set back (emotional trauma). You start struggling with your excess weight as soon as you try to be accepted for someone you are NOT. It’s not about your excess weight; it’s more about your lack of self-esteem. Often times, your struggle isn’t about staying healthy, is about being accepted. There’s a reason you eat more than your body needs. It is because you replacing emotions with food. Your weight gain usually begins in your childhood when your emotional needs were not met. The bigger the emotional trauma, the more you eat. The more we try to fit in, the more weight we gain. We don’t have a weight problem, we have a happiness problem. We blame food because people want an easy and quick fix. We are rebelling from the trauma by becoming invisible by stuffing our mouths. However, as long as the struggle exists, the weight will also stay… or return. The more you ignore your emotional and spiritual needs, the bigger you’ll get. You need to not only acknowledge your emotional pain, but also fulfill the spiritual deficiency in order to have success in your weight loss. In order to thrive, your body, mind, and soul need energy. Your body needs good nutrition, your mind needs healthy thoughts, and your soul needs plenty of wholesome spirituality (emotional intelligence/ healthy feelings). Most people don’t lack food; they lack the other two components. You can eat less but you definitely can’t feel less… no matter how hard you try. Your mind, body, and soul will constantly try to fulfill their needs. Since you are emotionally starving, you’ll subconsciously try to fulfill that by overeating. It’s never about the excess weight, it’s always about who you truly trying to deny… which is YOUR true self. When you embrace yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself, only then will your fat start melting away. Food is not your enemy and you don’t need to go on a diet. You just need to acknowledge your emotions, or the lack of them, and fulfill your spiritual needs. It’s not about what you eat; it is more about what’s eating you. Good luck.