Join Leo Frincu — the former professional athlete who used to lose 150 lbs per year! — as he shares his weight loss secrets. After this free, one-hour lecture, you will never view weight loss the same way again!

Sunday, January 26th at 10AM

Results Personal Training
4367 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks CA 91423 

For over 15 years, Leo Frincu was a member of the Romanian National Wrestling Team. A former world champion, Leo struggled with his weight from his early teenage years until his early 30’s. His wrestling coaches in Romania used to call him “fatty” – not because he was obese, but because compared to his other teammates, Leo was forced to lose the most amount of weight before competition. His normal weight was a little over 162 pounds and he needed to reach 136 pounds. For Leo, it meant that in order to compete in each major national and international competition, he had to lose over 25 pounds just to meet his weight-class requirement. Adding his yearly tournaments together, Leo had to lose a staggering 150 pounds per year for over 8 years!  That’s approximately 1000 pounds! To make that possible, Leo needed to learn how to strategize his meals in order to achieve his desired weight.

Leo is now the owner of Results Personal Training in Sherman Oaks, where for 17 years he has helped many clients lose weight and achieve their ideal bodies. Join us for a fun and interactive hour and learn how to tackle your weight loss goals.

In this lecture you will learn:

• How weight gain really occurs and tools for preventing further weight gain;

• How you can improve your relationship with food, exercise and even your body;

• How to strategize meals to accommodate your lifestyle and achieve your weight-loss goals;

• How you can exercise less and actually achieve more;

• How to put an end to your weight loss struggles once and for all.

Join us on January 26th at 10AM for this free, one-of-a-kind event!