Great Read
This book is a must read by coaches and students, it goes deep into the formation of behavior and peek performance.

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Loved It!
Great book. Leo is able to transform your thinking and motivate you towards a positive outcome. Pretty easy read.

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Excellent and Fast Read
Easy to understand and comprehend, very motivating and thought provoking. Makes u think about your actions and reactions more thoroughly.

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Great Book!
Reading this book made me understand High Performance Mentality in a different level. I'm glad I took the time to read it. I totally recommend it.

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Good Read
I've been in the business for many years and this guy definitely knows what he's doing!  It is a Go!  Absolutely!

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Have you ever wondered why some athletes excel and some fold under pressure? Or why you’ve only been able to take your training program just so far before getting stuck? Leo Frincu’s High Performance Mentality holds the key to breaking through the mental and physiological barriers that have been standing between you and your goals.


Kindle Version Only $3.99

Leo Frincu

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