How much do you need to workout?

This question often delays us from starting an exercise program. “How much should I do? I don’t know… this is so hard. I’ll put it off ‘til summer.”

However, the question of how much to do when you start an exercise program isn’t so difficult.

You just need to listen to your body and find out what it wants.

Most people who start an exercise program are expecting to perform at a higher level than what their bodies are capable of. They assume that their workouts should last longer than is really appropriate. This creates a roadblock. The roadblock that stands in the way is actually nothing to do with our capabilities. The problem is just that we have the wrong expectations.

This often happens when we compare our current selves to our younger, fitter selves.

“I used to do this with no problem,” and “I am so weak and out of shape” – these are things I often hear from my clients as they express disappointment with their performance during exercise.

Little do we know, this thinking has a negative effect on our psyche, our body, and our performance.

My answer is always: Stop living in the past, and give your body what it needs right now.

Starting with this mindset will allow us to receive accurate feedback from our bodies. That will help our bodies perform at their highest level.

If you are just starting to exercise after a long period of not moving, any exercise done properly will be a bonus and will benefit your body and your health. But to really reach your highest potential, you need to discover what your body wants.

The same is true if you have an active lifestyle and want to take your mind and body to the next level – you need to start learning more about what your body needs.

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Thank you and good luck.