How many times have you heard someone say, “you can BE or DO anything you want”? Perhaps, you, yourself, have said that to someone else. We say it to our children and our friends. As we’re growing up, our teachers and parents tell us the same thing in order to inspire us.

Everything we hear seems to be a reminder that we can be anything we want to be. It’s what we see on social media, TV, and billboards. It’s the message we hear from our mentors and the role-models we choose to follow. The whole world seems to be preaching about achieving our goals and living up to our fullest potential.

When we hear those words telling us that we can BE or Do anything we choose, we probably think of our careers or imagine ourselves traveling the world, or making lots of money. Some of us may want to be artists, while others dream about becoming professional athletes and winning trophies. Everyone pretty much wants to be somebody, someday.

Now, what would you say if I were to tell you that all this is not about what you think it’s about? Please don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of money, traveling the world, or finding your dream career. However, that’s not what these high-achievers, rock stars and famous people you hope to emulate are really talking about. When they tell you that you can BE whoever you want to BE, what they really mean is that you can FEEL whatever you want to FEEL – not tomorrow, not in 10 years, but RIGHT NOW.

Please allow me to explain.

What would you do if I asked you to FEEL pretty right now – not if you ARE pretty, but to FEEL pretty?

What would you say if I asked you to FEEL powerful, or sexy, or good about who you are – not your opinion or what you think of yourself, but rather to FEEL good about where you are in your life RIGHT NOW?

What would you say if I asked you to FEEL good about your body right now, and your skills, or your strengths, and even to feel good about your flaws? Again, this has nothing to do with what you think of yourself or what you know, but rather about how you FEEL about who you are.

Now, what would you say if I told you that you ARE pretty, smart enough, strong enough, tall enough, sexy enough, or good enough? What would you say if I told you that you are loved, wanted, appreciated, talented, skillful, valuable, special and unique?


What you FEEL is often different from what you THINK. A thought is an opinion and comes from your head (mind), whereas, feelings run throughout your whole body and come from your heart. Confidence, self-esteem, passion, and motivation generate feelings – not opinions –and, are the backbone of one’s identity. Therefore, it is very important what we think, as our thoughts are the inner voice that can lead us closer to our goals or can take us farther away from them.

I know you’ve probably heard the saying, “you are your own worst enemy.” You ARE your worst enemy when you are living in your head and not trusting your instincts. Your head can be misleading and may often work against you, whereas, your heart is, and will always be, pure and on your side. That’s why they say to follow your heart, not your mind.

Going back to what we feel:  if you don’t believe that you are skillful, valuable, important, strong enough, special and unique, or (fill in the blank) ________, it is because you don’t feel that you are. THAT’S WHY.

Waiting to become a world-renowned artist or some famous or popular celebrity isn’t a skill or something currently a reality, whereas, feeling good about your skills is as real as it gets – and, something you can feel and achieve right now.

We first need to BE in order to BECOME. You are what you feel. Therefore, make sure you feel good about where you are and the person you are right now, today. Becoming a world-famous artist or discovering your dream career are just consequences of how you feel. DOING is a result of what you think, and consequently how you feel about yourself.

Now moving forward, what do you think is harder to accomplish – applying for and getting a job, or feeling good about your skills? It’s much easier, yet, more painful to focus on something that isn’t real or current, such as our past or our future, rather than to acknowledge the present and the truth. When we’re not present, we’re either stuck in our past and in pain, or we’re afraid and worried about the future.

It is much easier to just find a job and work for a paycheck than to discover our life’s passion and FEEL good about our skills. Believe it or not, by having worked with thousands of people for almost two decades, has helped me to realize that it is much easier for people to be in pain and afraid that it is for them to feel good about where they are presently in their lives.

Please don’t ask me why… I’m still trying to figure that out.

The truth is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your life. The truth is that you are good enough. Things could have been different if life had made you someone else with other sets of skills or circumstances. But, for now, you are – and, always will be – the best version of yourself given the circumstances of your own life.

On the flip side, what is easier to achieve – making lots of money and traveling around the world or feeling loved, appreciated, valuable, special and unique? This is an easy answer. All you have to do is pull out a credit card to achieve the first. However, it takes a lot more work, time and effort to accomplish the second.

Personally, I truly believe that most of us focus on the wrong area. How can we expect to achieve all of our goals if we can’t even FEEL something positive and truthful that it is already within us? How can we expect to get things we strive for, such as more money, compatible relationships, or lifelong careers, if we can’t even access something we already possess?

We are sitting on top of all these undiscovered resources within us, while desperately searching for more from outside ourselves.

We are IT.
We have it all.
We are already there. 

To me, the challenge is not about “getting” and “becoming.” It’s all about “being.” It is not about what can we do, but, rather, about what can we can feel.

Lastly, it’s not about later or tomorrow, or next year. It’s about RIGHT NOW. What our mentors are really telling us is that we can be strong, powerful, sexy, or, whatever we believe that we ARE NOT…and, that we can be all of it RIGHT NOW.


God Bless.

Leo Frincu is a world wrestling champion, author, speaker and performance coach for business leaders and athletes worldwide. To learn more about his training philosophy, check out his latest book, “WELCOME HOME, 3 Simple Steps On How To Reach Your Highest Potential,” available on Amazon and iBooks.