Got expectations?

I’m expecting to like the chicken I just ordered for lunch. However, since I’m not paying too much for my lunch, I’m expecting NOT to be too crazy about it. I’m expecting to get to work on time. Since I like to hit the snooze a few times, I’m expecting today to be late and to get yelled at by my supervisor. I’m expecting you to like this post. I also expect you NOT to comment on it, lol. I’m expecting my wife to love and respect me. I’m also expecting her to get mad at me when I screw up, or even to leave me if she finds out I cheated on her. I’m expecting to lie and to get away with while I’m expecting you to be honest with me. I’m expecting it to be sunny tomorrow. I hate it when it rains (God, we need to talk!). I’m expecting to get pay for my time and work. Since I asked for a deal, I’m expecting “them” to get a deal as well. I’m expecting things to go my way. I’m expecting my weight to stay the same since lately I’ve been eating like a pig. I’m expecting to live a long and happy life. I’m also expecting to get lung cancer someday since I won’t stop smoking. I’m expecting you to listen to me. I’m expecting you to get punished for your mistakes but I’m expecting my mistakes to be called “human”. I’m expecting to be loved, accepted and understood. I’m expecting you to know who I am and what I want. I’m expecting my feelings to be hurt when you are mistreating me, but I’m expecting you to have no feelings when I do the same. Actually I’m expecting you to NOT expect anything from me.

I’m expecting something every second, every minute and every day of my expected long life.
You are unhappy ONLY because you have the wrong expectations or NO expectations at all. That goes with your professional and/or personal LIFE.

Have an awesome day, as you probably expecting to be.  Thank you for reading this.