For most people, the answer to that question is YES. And here’s why…

Growth is perpetual. Growth is the purpose of living and also the reason we are alive. We are growing from the moment we are born until the day we die. Everything has a beginning and an end. Every beginning is an end, and every end is a beginning.

In today’s fast-paced, goal-driven society, most people are unhappy because they haven’t found their purpose—they struggle because they don’t know the reason why they are alive. There are two critically important days of your life: 1) The day you are born, and 2) The day you find out WHY you were born.

Until you reach the second one, you will constantly struggle and rebel against the growth that is a natural order of life. Beginnings, Endings, and the Happy Middle

Another reason most people are unhappy is because they are waiting for a beginning or an end. They are waiting for a start or for a finish. Believe it or not, people are unhappy because they are growing. They may be growing toward or growing away, but either way they are growing and that process can be uncomfortable. Yes, you heard me correctly. Growth, the same as pain and happiness, is imminent.

Your authentic self and this moment, right now, are all you have and what you need to spend your energy on. But, the reality is that most people are just not HERE. No one is present. They are living in the past or are waiting for the future. We always hear that we need to “live in the moment”; however, most people are somewhere else and with someone else.

All this happens because people are confused. They just don’t know what growth really means. They don’t understand themselves. Growth is “this moment.” Growth is NOW, and you are now. People don’t know how to bring themselves into the NOW. When you say NOW, you actually say MYSELF. When you are present, you must acknowledge and feel. When you acknowledge the present time, you acknowledge yourself.

Oftentimes, people don’t know who they really are because they are never present. When you don’t acknowledge yourself, you won’t ever know what makes you special—or your purpose and reason for being.

So, here’s my question for you:

What makes you special? What are you going to bring to the world that the world hasn’t seen before?

In order to have a purpose, you must know the answer to these questions. Every person must know what makes him or her happy and what his or her strengths are.

You defy growth when you feel the joy but refuse to feel the pain. You disconnect from yourself when you acknowledge but refuse to accept. You become numb when you refuse to live in the moment. You must love the moment in order to live in the moment.

Everything Happens for a Reason … and that is because we are growing.

Growth is equally a starting point and a finish line. It is simultaneously a high and a low. Growth is a beginning and an end. Growth is happiness and sorrow. Growth is a journey not a destination. As soon as we are born we start growing. We start living and dying at the same time. Growth is learning and accepting. Growth is healing and moving forward. Growth is the opposite of nothing. Growth is everything. Only death can stop life. Only happiness can stop sorrow. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t wait for happiness. You can’t stop growth and you can’t live forever.

Waiting to be happy is the same as waiting to be miserable. Waiting for something to begin is the same as waiting for something to end. Waiting to live is the same as waiting to die. You are on this planet for a reason and with a purpose. Your mission is to find out what those are.

Start living by asking WHY? Start moving forward by asking HOW? Embrace change because it is a part of your life. Accept growth because it is a part of your journey. Cherish yourself, because the answer to the question I posed earlier—what makes you special?—is YOU, your authentic SELF. But, you CAN only if you believe you CAN. Good luck.