Leo F

We all make mistakes, but the biggest mistake most people do is trying not to make any mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, failing sucks. However, I truly believe it is necessary. I have made many of mistakes and, trust me, the lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes are comparable with countless classes and hours of studying… and the learning still hasn’t stopped. No acting coach can show, or make you feel the way a casting room does. No trainer can teach you what a competition teaches you. No teacher can teach you a better lesson than “living your life” and “taking risks”. You’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to fail, but if you want to get ahead, the fastest road to success is to actually DO IT. Yes, just do it.

You can read and you can study but if you don’t apply it, all the time spent in the classrooms is worthless. Theory will never beat practice. Reading doesn’t build confidence, doing does. Living your life to it’s fullest is the best class you can ever take. This is when you learn failure is a teacher and winning is the motivator.

There’s not enough “relationship help books” out there to prevent you from having your heart broken. There are no pills that cure fear, and no one has invented confidence implants either. There are more and more diet books coming up every year, but also the rate of obesity is exhilarating. The self-improvement industry is cashing-in and so are the marijuana dispensaries. There’s no shortage of information, only a shortage of people taking initiative. We live once but we’re acting as if we have seven-lives. We seek answers but never with the intention to find them. We talk to ourselves but we’re always saying the same lies. We are committing but never taking the first steps. We look ahead but live in the past. We inhale but never really breathe. We live in our heads while trying to connect with our minds. We label self-hate as criticism, and self-love as weakness.

The more you can learn from your mistakes the more you can grow. The goal is not to be perfect; it is to learn from your imperfections. The more I think about my mistakes the prouder I am for making them. Because if I didn’t make these mistakes, I wouldn’t be where I am today. We make mistakes because we are ALIVE.

Lesson leaned… now let’s move forward. God bless us all.

Thank you.