Your expectations are valid only if someone is willing to honor them.

Expecting someone to love you just because you love them, is the same as watering a plant only because you expect the plant to grow for YOU. The plant doesn’t blossom for you. The trees don’t grow for you. Your love for someone is the same as water is to the plant. Remember, grass will still grow and flowers with still blossom whether or not YOU water it. Just because you put a plant in a pot, or a tree in a garden, this doesn’t give you any rights over them. We start calling our feelings “love” so we can feel better about ourselves. But instead, we are just binging on our emotional cravings. You will always love your child even when they don’t turn out the way you want them. You will still smell and enjoy a rose even if their thorns cut you. Most of us talk about love, but very few of us really know what love is. Your expectations aren’t valid, period. No one should do anything for you just because you love them and it’s the “right” thing to do. It’s right to stop at the red light. It’s right to pay back your debt. It’s “right” to be free. It’s “right” only if you’re aware of the consequences of being wrong. That’s the only “right” thing that is out there. Human beings believe in a bunch of pretentious entitlements. We expect and we’re entitled. And that is why people are constantly disappointed. That’s why contracts exist. That’s why pre-nup’s exist. They exist only for the ones who are brave enough to admit that they need a guarantee. However, everybody needs a guarantee. We all want insurance in love. Everyone wishes they had an emotional insurance policy on their partners. We all need some way to let our partners know how wrong it would be for them to hurt our feelings. Subconsciously, we all want some consequences to be paid for our unhappiness. We all hope that our partners would be held accountable for breaking our hearts. We all need and want an insurance policy on our emotional investments. We are just too weak to openly admit it. You know why? Because it is the “wrong” thing according to the right people. Instead, we just buy more roses on Valentine’s Day and write more love songs. However, how many people really know what love is? How many pots and gardens do we need in order to secure our love? How much fertilizer and sprinklers do we need to grow our feelings? How much of a hypocrite do we still need to be in order to ignore the fact that we still have a lot to learn about ourselves and about what we need? How brave does one need to be to actually admit that we’re not that strong? How sincere do we need to be to say out loud that we just need someone to love us? We need someone to love us just because WE WANT TO BE LOVED.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂