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Leo’s master class is truly amazing. Practical, useful and inspiring.

In this uniquely effective, 1-hour webinar:

  • You’ll DISCOVER the most common mistakes most athletes, and non-athletes make during their training sessions and I’ll provide you with the necessary tools for overcoming them.
  • I will reveal my PERSONAL strategy that I use to effectively and permanently lose the excess weight and keep it off.
  • I’ll take the mystery out of mental training and provide you with simple and efficient tools to reach PEAK PERFORMANCE.
  • This course will REVOLUTIONIZE your training program and exercise routine. During this class, you’ll learn the most effective strategies for boosting your performance during training.
  • You’ll learn how to use your comfort zone as a platform for your growth process. It will give you a clear answer to the question: What makes YOU SPECIAL?
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to complete your training session with little, or NO BREAKS AT ALL.

There are differences between coaching and training. Knowing those differences can make the difference between you creating the results you desire and years of frustration and wasted time.

“Training” literally means showing people how to do things. For example: “Here’s how to do this exercise so you get maximum benefit and don’t get injured.” And the trainer keeps an eye on you to be sure you do it.

“Coaching” is telling a person how to do it himself or herself. For example: “You should do 30 squats today.”

Can’t decide what you want? Most people cannot. The truth is, you need both… along with a big dose of encouragement.

That’s why Results Studio founder Leo Frincu, 1994 World Wrestling Champion, developed the 3 SIMPLE STEPS TO A WORLD CLASS TRAINING ROUTINE.

This proven, unique and highly effective program combines the best of both elements to give you the precise results you want now.

Leo’s philosophy is simply this: to create excellence in your body, you must also fully engage the mind. By learning how to think like an athlete, in and outside of the gym, you will begin to develop the structure that will support every part of your life and goals.

In the 3 SIMPLE STEPS TO A WORLD CLASS TRAINING ROUTINE, you will personally and immediately benefit from Leo’s 10 years of experience competing at the highest level and his astonishing success with a bevy of world class athletes.


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