Your performance, inside and outside the gym, and thus the results you are experiencing are a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of success, you need to focus on your attitude.

These 3 Mental Steps are going to help you take your performance, and body to the next level:

1. The first step and one of your number one priorities before and during your workouts is to get connected and stay connected to your body. Doing so is the only way you can learn more about your body and what it needs to give you what you want. The way you can do that is to SLOW DOWN. Learn to do exercises slow before you can do them fast so that you can “hear” what your body needs to perform at its highest potential.

2. Second, you must stay relaxed and focused during your exercises; not only during your breaks. Being relaxed is just a state of mind, and not to be confused with “not working hard enough.” Being relaxed will allow your brain to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by your doubts and limitations. One way to relax during your exercise is to focus on your “lows,” or inhaling, rather than you “highs” or exhaling.

3. Third, always keep calm and stay on task, even when things don’t go your way. Being relaxed and alert is the same as taking a deep breath and listening to your heart. One way you can practice this skill is to acknowledge how you feel when things don’t go your way. Do you get mad, frustrated and call yourself names such as “weak,” or “stupid,” or “clumsy” just because you experience challenges during your workouts? That will only make things complicated. Instead, take a deep breath, stay calm and attempt to do your task again. Remember, your exercises are meant to expose these challenges and learn how to deal with them. Not the other way around.

Training and your weight loss journey, working and building a career, or even finding a life-long partner are just tasks and goals we try to achieve. Things will always happen; even when we don’t plan on it. Therefore, don’t let unexpected events get you off track and away from your goals.

Practice these three mental steps in all areas of your life, and I’ll promise that will take your workout, body, and life to the NEXT LEVEL.

All the best,

Leo Frincu is a world wrestling champion, author, speaker and performance coach for business leaders and athletes worldwide. To learn more about his training philosophy, check out his latest book, “WELCOME HOME, 3 Simple Steps On How To Reach Your Highest Potential,” available on Amazon and iBooks.