Did you or have you ever thought about hiring a specialist to help you with your goals? If you so, this blog is for you.

Why people hire trainers, coaches and even teachers?

In spite of what you might think, most people are hiring fitness trainers, not necessarily to get in better shape, but to aid in their search for righteousness. Being in the fitness industry for over fifteen years, I’ve witnessed hundreds if not thousands of people striving to achieve their weight loss goals and get fit. After all this time, I’ve come to a conclusion: People don’t necessarily hire trainers to get in better shape. They are actually paying someone to tell them that they are right. And without even knowing, you’re probably doing it too.

The question is, why do people hire help? There are two reasons why you should hire a professional:

* You hire help when you realize that you can’t do it alone.

* You get help when you’ve admitted to yourself that you don’t know how to achieve your goals.

In order to have a productive relationship with your coach, when you are meeting for the first time, and thereafter, you need to do three things:

1) Listen with interest.

2) Expect to be very uncomfortable.

3) Be extremely open to constructive criticism.

However, if you’re in the fitness industry you know that your clients don’t always do this. When people are shopping around for help, i.e., trainers, they are actually looking for someone to agree with them. Oftentimes, people don’t come in looking for help and seeking answers. They are already walking in thinking they have the solutions to their problems.

“I need to do some cardio to lose some weight.” That’s one of the most popular requests.

“I need a meal plan.” or “I need to stop eating carbs.” are some of the famous lines from people seeking help.

I find that people get frustrated, even angry, when you disagree with them. There was one time when someone even got pissed off at me after I told him that he didn’t have a problem! “No, I have a problem. Don’t tell me I don’t have problems!” this prospective client shouted at me. What most of these people don’t know is that the one who creates the problem doesn’t always see the problem. More than you think, your problem isn’t the real problem, and that’s probably why you are where you’re at in the first place. That also is why most weight-loss journeys prove unsuccessful in the long run. The problems are there because you think you have them, or because you’ve been addressing the wrong issue.

But why is this, you might ask?

If you are like me and were told you were wrong all throughout your childhood, you grow up always wanting to be right.

It is normal wanting to be right about the stock market. It is OK to want to be right about your needs or your children’s needs. Also, you might just hope you are right about what you need in order to be happy. I’m pretty positive you believe you are right about what you need to feel good. Since you are so accustomed to who you are, or at least with whom you think you are, you absolutely need to feel right about what you know. That means you are right about you. You need to be right because that is your identity. When you hire a trainer, you also need to be right about what you need. That’s why you hire him or her in the first place. You wouldn’t hire help if you weren’t sure you needed help, or if you weren’t certain about what you needed help with.

Therefore, without even knowing, when people hire teachers, coaches or trainers, they don’t hire him to teach them new things. They are subconsciously hiring him or her in hopes hearing that you are right. That’s not paying for help, and that’s certainly not searching for a solution. It’s just seeking validation.

When we reach adulthood, it is the only time when we can actually hire someone to tell us we are “right”. That’s pretty sneaky and somehow powerful if you ask me. And a lot of people are doing it without even knowing. We are just grown-up kids looking to be right after being wrong for so long. I hope you know that there is something wrong with being/feeling right all the time. That is why you hire coaches, trainers, and teachers. Often times you hire them to tell you how great you are, and that you have everything right, whereas instead, you should hire professionals to tell you what you need to be doing differently. Usually that’s uncomfortable and often times the complete opposite of your walk-in expectations.

That is the moment when some people turn around and start looking for someone else, someone to be on the same page with, someone that’s going tell us we are right.

Last but not the least, after writing this blog post, I am too expecting you to tell me, “YOU ARE SO RIGHT, LEO!” Why? Because that is what everyone wants.

Thank you and cheers for being right, once again.