Good afternoon everyone!

How are you holding up?

For the time being, Results Personal Training will remain closed until further notice. We miss our clients very much and can’t wait until the doors are open and the gym is humming again.

Before moving forward with my message and this week’s workout sessions, I would like to take a moment to give a big SHOUT OUT to a lot of great people.

For the past week, many people have helped me not only on a personal level, but also my business, Results Personal Training, as we go through these tough times.

Thank you, Matt, for starting a movement.

THANK YOU Judy, and Josh, Allison, Leslie, Joe, Wendi, Maxx, Gillian, Arlyn, Sarah, Asia, Tony, Bruce, Brett, Shanice, Ida, Gino, David, Robyn, Dale, Ruth, Dianne, Natalie, Keith, Vincent, Harold, Steve, Nicky, and many others.

You are the Results community and my true heroes, and I’m incredibly grateful to you.

Needless to say, the world is going through significant changes, and how we act right now will decide the way we are going to come out of this nightmare. Every day is like a rollercoaster for me. One minute I feel concerned and afraid; the next minute, I feel grateful and hopeful. I’m smiling and feeling light, and then wham, I feel worried and heavy-hearted. I never imagined, not in my wildest dreams, that we all could be quarantined. Standing in lines for a gallon of milk and loaf of bread was something I experienced long ago as a child growing up under communism. I never imagined it could happen in America, in today’s world. It’s feels like Deja Vu. We can hardly take a walk outside, let alone have dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Staying mentally and physically active is critical. It not only helps us manage these challenging times, it will also help us come out of them better than before.

It is week three of the quarantine, and if things are getting a little edgy in your household, you are not alone. So I’ve included some dynamic workouts for this week. They are designed to keep our minds sharp and our bodies agile.

Finally, as always, I appreciate your feedback. Knowing what you’re going through while performing these exercises will help me design better routines. In addition, if you need anything, please let us know. We are in this together, and together we must stay. Healthy and safe. Thank you, and God Bless.

Week 3 Workout Sessions

Wednesday: Light walk/jog and stretch if possible
Saturday: Light walk/jog if possible
Sunday: Day off


Leo Frincu is a world wrestling champion, author, speaker and performance coach for business leaders and athletes worldwide. To learn more about his training philosophy, check out his latest book, “WELCOME HOME, 3 Simple Steps On How To Reach Your Highest Potential,” available on Amazon and iBooks.