How many of you seen the picture on the cover of this month Sports Illustrated?

Do you know what is wrong with this picture?

This picture is not wrong for the fact that an overweight woman is posing in a bikini and taking pride in her for not looking skinny or not being picture “perfect” according with the modeling standards. This picture, however, fails to deliver what it supposed to.

I am talking about all the women looking at this picture thinking: “Why am I not feeling this way? Why am I not feeling sexy?”

How many women do you think are going to look at this magazine cover and immediately start feeling good about how they look? It is the same as someone who hates his Honda and hopes to feel better just by seeing someone else driving the same car.

Women, looking at this picture, may feel validated for a second, but as soon as they put down the magazine, things are going to feel exactly the same as they did before. Some overweight women might even feel, for a second, a slight victory against a society that promotes perfection when it comes down to body image. That is great, but I am talking about something more important, the process where someone can achieve a permanent feeling of self-acceptance and self-love.

Even looking at a million pictures with happy overweight women in bikinis is not going to make someone with poor self-image feel good about herself. Not a single outside image is going to change how you feel inside. It might actually accomplish the opposite. The sooner we stop looking for quick fixes easy solutions to our problems, the faster we can actually fix our problems and accept ourselves for who we are. A toned body won’t make you feel sexy just like big biceps won’t make you feel strong. It is the same as expecting to feel good about yourself just by driving a Ferrari or wearing an expensive watch.

Moral of the story: The Outside Can’t Fix The Inside. You can only achieve that perfect body if you have the right mindset. The body follows the mind. It’s not the other way around. Fix the mind so you can fix the body. Change your belief system so you can change your body.

Good luck and God bless.