My name is Leo Frincu. I’m a world champion wrestler and the proud owner of Results Personal Training, one of the most prestigious fitness training facilities in Los Angeles. After being in the fitness industry for over 15 years, I’m coming forward to admit something crazy: I don’t like exercising that much. Yes, you heard me correctly. I actually understand and agree with the common reasons people give for not exercising. I often feel that exercising takes too much time and effort, and I usually struggle to find the time and energy to work out. So, you are not alone. I know and relate to exactly how you feel.

Now you might be wondering, in light of what I just revealed, why on earth I still exercise or why I’m even in the fitness industry for that matter! Adding to that, having a full-time job, another part-time job developing another business, and being married with two kids, you might think exercise is at the very bottom of my list of priorities if it’s even there at all. Clearly, there’s just no time for it, right? But I still make a point of finding the time to exercise. It’s hard sometimes, yes, but with a lot of effort and dedication, I stick to my exercise regimen. Why? Well it’s certainly not because I love it. It’s because I love how it makes me feel.

Like any other challenge in life, finding and taking a precious hour out of my day, four to five days a week for exercise is tough. But the same goes for many other things in my life. I don’t particularly like waking up at five every morning, but I love success too much not to. I also don’t really like talking a lot, but I love how my information changes the lives of others as soon as it hits their ears. I would like to have more time to do nothing, to just hang out, etc., but I love my body, money and success too much to not make sacrifices.

Also, having meaning and purpose in life gives me a really good reason to wake up every morning. WE ALL have the potential to achieve greatness. But there is a slight difference between people that do it and people that don’t. There is a difference between me and people who don’t exercise, which is not just that I like exercising and they don’t. It is that I LOVE feeling good and they don’t. The same goes with working. There’s no such thing as “lazy people”. There are just people who like money and success, and people who don’t. There are people who LOVE feeling great and people who LOVE feeling crappy.

WE DO WHAT WE DO BECAUSE WE LIKE THE WAY IT MAKES US FEEL. Whether you like to hear it or not and whether you know it or not, when you feel shitty or feel great, it is because you actually choose to feel that way and will do whatever it takes to get you there.

So next time you say, “I hate exercising,” ask yourself, why do I love and seek feeling this way?

How does this feeling benefit me?

Well, gotta go! Time to find another hour to squeeze in another workout … Ugh… I hate that.


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