Hey guys, in one glance at this picture, what do you see?

Kandace Hudspeth IG Picture

I am assured that the majority would look at her as a special species, one of a kind. Yes! She looks physically fit and strong too. For some, without meeting her, she’s already perceived as proud.

Oh! You think she’s a fitness trainer.

Despite all these positives, someone would say, “No way, not my style.”  I have heard a lot of other comments. People call them bodybuilders and fitness competitors, freaks, gross or even disgusting! From these judgments and compliments, I can deduce that everybody sees something different.

However, people don’t judge her based on her looks. They judge her based on how she feels about herself and what she does. Some people might not want to look like her, but they definitely want to feel like her.

Nonetheless, there are so many people out there who appreciate her, and also understand what goes into having such a body.

Are you that person?

Whether you look at these people and see motivation or defeat, normal or weird, the truth remains that most of us don’t really see these people training and aren’t aware of their lifestyles. However, I bet most of us wonder how it would feel to be as strong as she is and to look like that.

We see these fitness models in magazines, ads or on social media promoting a certain product or lifestyle. We admire them. Sometimes, we judge them, and pretty often, most of us don’t even relate to them.

How many of us have wondered how they got there?

Are you even curious to see how these people eat or train? Are you curious to see how they live their lives and how they’ve lived it over the years?

Taking a practical instance,

Have you seen how someone who looks incredibly fit prepares their meals, exercises or drinks water? Then go check out Kandace Hudspeth @kandacehudspeth on Instagram.

Kandace Hudspeth IG picture

She religiously prepares her meals every Sunday and puts them in casseroles. Every meal is impeccable. They come in beautiful colors (precisely proportionate), having the right amount of protein, vegetable, and fats. You would never find anything random on her plate.

Want to see dedication on full display?

Kandance is not just dedicated, but also obsessed with her passion. She puts her goals above her cravings. Her body is her temple, and her work ethic is her religion. I bet that is clearly written in terms of her work environment, relationships, personal or professional life.

She is just a great example out of millions of people who are feeling the same about what they do.

Another example: I’ve even seen in one instance of dedication whereby had brought his own food in a small cooler at a party I was attending. When everyone sat down for dinner and start eating their penne pasta, he took out his casserole with the grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli. Then he started eating. Speaking of standing out; you should have seen how everyone was looking at him like he was from another planet. He couldn’t be more different than everyone else at that party. Yet, he went on with his diet plan. He had a goal to attain!

Do you think that is a bit extreme?

How about drinking water?

The guys with big biceps and nice quads and the girls with firm glutes always walk around carrying their water jugs and protein drinks. Wherever they go, the water gallon goes. These massive water bottles are like their little babies. Clearly, they don’t have kids, lol. Regardless, that’s not the point.

Again, do you think that’s a bit extreme?

Now, how do you feel about how they look, and what they’re doing?

What would you say if you see how these people prep their food?

It takes a lot of handling and packaging a bunch of little containers; containing food for the entire week. It entails having all your meals planned out; breakfast, lunch, and dinner! All!! This takes a lot of preparation, it takes planning and it takes work too.

Honestly, do you think that’s too much to sacrifice?

Can you see yourself doing something even remotely close to this?

Or, are you looking at these guys and literally labeling them as freaks, or weirdos? Down there in your heart, do you still feel like you have nothing in common with them?

You’re probably thinking, “I’m just too busy. These guys probably have nothing better to do.”

Or you think, “They just have time and I don’t.”

Or you’re even saying, “These guys just have good genes, and I don’t.”

Be honest. Are you thinking this way?

Well, we’re not here to convict them, judge you or judge them. We are not here to find excuses either.

I understand that you are here because you just want to feel like them, look like them, or at least to lose a few pounds and look half as good as they do. Isn’t that right?

If your aim is to start losing some body fat and to begin to see your stomach muscle, the first step is to stop seeing these people as freaks. You need to work really hard and find something in common with them. What finds would serve as a motivator for you?

Instead judging them, try to understand their behavior and listen to their stories.

Instead of saying, “this is not who I am”, start dropping “who you are” and start looking for a better self, leaner, stronger.

The power to transform into who you want to be is within you. However, you’ve been telling yourself the same lies for years. In addition, not only do you believe in these lies, but you have also been living them.

Drop the script! Tell yourself a different story!! You have in common more than you think with “these” people.  These “freaks” are committed. Commitment is what you have in common with these “freaks”. These weirdos are passionate. Passion is one more thing you have in common with them.

When you see someone looking great in bikinis, and hear her talking about meal prep stories and workout routines, don’t immediately think that you don’t have the time and resources to do the same. Don’t zero your mind, thinking you have nothing in common with her.

You both have the same goal. You both have passion. YOU BOTH WANT TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR BODY AND YOURSELF!!!

That’s a lot in common if you ask me. You might not prep your meals, put your food in casseroles, hit the gym, and drink your gallon of water like these guys.

However, you can both do these things, just at different intensities. Basically, eat properly planned meals, drink a lot of what and move your body adequately.

Regardless of how much body fat you have, or how out of shape you may think you are, let these fitness enthusiasts motivate you to start pursuing your goals.

Stop seeing what they’re doing as impossible. Stop seeing them as fitness freaks as well. Choose to start seeing them as equals, and their habits as normal as normal can be.

We are all freaks, weird and unique in our own way. That’s a quality as well as strength.

The more you see these people’s habits as impossible and their bodies as unattainable to you, the longer it will take you to lose the extra weight and get in shape. The more you see these people as freaks, the longer it will take you to achieve your fitness goals.

Remember, everyone starts the same. Some have already transformed their bodies. Others just got started, you will soon.

How we think and our attitude is going to lead us to the body we want, not the other way around.  Let’s get the mind on the right track and the body will follow.

You need to see yourself looking like these guys, eating like these guys, carrying around the gallon of water like these guys, and training like these guys.

That would be the first step in transforming your body. Then, everything else will follow.

Good luck!!!