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Moving to a new home is a big change for anyone, and it can create quite a bit of stress and anxiety before, during, and after you’re settled in. There’s so much to think about, and if you have children, their thoughts and feelings on the changes are important to consider too. And while this can be a difficult time for the family as they adjust to the new home, it can actually be a good time for you to learn new, positive habits and break free of any unhealthy choices you’ve made in the past.

Moving to a new place is like starting over fresh. Instead of letting that stress get to you, think of all the ways you can improve upon your life and living situation and put them into action. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.


After you’ve lived in a home for a little while, you begin to accumulate quite a few belongings. When you have a family–and everyone is acquiring things–it can be overwhelming to start packing it all up to move. Go through your home well before the move and de-clutter. Throw away anything you haven’t used in a while that can’t be salvaged, donate old clothing, shoes, and toys, and mark things that don’t get used but have value to be put in storage. When you get to your new home, you’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted because you won’t have to find room for things you don’t need.

Clean up

Moving to a new home is a great excuse to make positive change in how you keep your house. Having a place to come to after a long day at work that exudes calm, cleanliness, and tranquility can help reduce your stress levels and prevent anxiety from creeping in. It’s also just plain good for your physical health to have a home that is dust-free and well-organized, and it can help boost your energy levels when you’re not constantly battling a cluttered home. To find out more about how to get started, read some great tips here.

This is a great time to get the entire family involved in keeping things neat and clean; make it a point to let them know that after the move, everyone will need to take responsibility for their messes and keep the new house looking nice.

Get rid of toxic people

A move represents a fresh start, and that includes getting rid of the people in your life who don’t support you or who create a toxic environment. It’s important for your health–both emotional and mental–to have control over your relationships, so take a good long look at the people in your life and ask yourself if they are truly a friend.

Get healthy

What’s a fresh start if not a reason to focus on your health? If you’ve already got the mental and emotional sides covered, take a look at your physical health and ask yourself if you could do better. Making a move can be exhausting in more ways than one, so it’s important to find ways to burn off that stress and fatigue. Take a tour around the new neighborhood and look for places to walk or run, like a local park. Get familiar with any bike trails, public pools, or gyms you might be interested in and make note of them, so that when you’re feeling low you can give yourself a boost with a good workout. Or, you can look for ways to fit in exercise that don’t feel like exercise.

Remember that a move can be hard on little ones, so get them involved in your campaign to spruce up and put a positive spin on things. Get them excited for this next chapter by framing it as an adventure, and try to be patient when they express their worries about it.