Leo Frincu Personal Training

We all ask “life” to be nice to us, to spare us from its problems and to give us more joy and happiness. We wake up every morning hoping to have a day without problems however, what is our life’s expectation from us? How and What are we giving back to life? What’s our responsibility? We have been given another day, another chance to prove “life” we deserve to be alive. How are we giving back to LIFE for the opportunity to have a mother, a father, a wife, a husband, a child, a job and even another day on planet earth? How are we thanking LIFE for this opportunity? We all want something else without realizing we already have it all. You have it all, where “ALL” IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LIVE. We have the responsibility to live, to search for an answer to our problems, to suffer with dignity and to find a reason to be happy. You have the responsibility to be who you were born to be. That is your only job from the moment you demand the right to make your own decisions. You have the responsibility to hold on to the power you wake up with every day of your life. The power to chose to fight for what’s already yours. You are stronger than you think you are. God bless you all.