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Life is a journey of experiences to learn from and enjoy. You will accomplish your dreams if your heart and your soul are at the right place. Only then you will feel powerful enough to take the journey and only then you will reach the dream without losing yourself.

Born a twin on April Fool’s Day, 1976 in Bucharest, Romania, Leo Frincu spent the formative years of his life struggling under the oppressive weight of Communism. From the age he could stand on his own two feet, Leo spent hours in line waiting for the week’s ration of water, food, and basic necessities.

At age six, after wrestling one too many classmates, a neighbor suggested to Leo’s weary parents that he join the Steaua Wrestling Team. Barefoot, with ragged attire and equipment but fistfuls of discipline, Leo displayed a remarkable affinity for takedowns and throws.

His love for wrestling outweighing the harsh conditions of Communism, Leo managed to rack up several accomplishments. Awarded with six Romanian Wrestling Championships and several International Gold Medals, he went on to win the World Championship Title in 1994 at the age of 18. Combining his work ethic, knowledge, and adherence to discipline, Leo found a way to share his passion for athleticism with others of all ages and walks of life. RESULTS STUDIO became the embodiment of Leo’s burning desire to contribute to the community by enabling people to overcome personal adversity and reach their highest goals. More Info >>

Leo Frincu
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