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Goals and Objectives

Achieve Peak Performance

To perform to the best of your ability, you need to be clear on what you want to achieve and identify what is important to you. You need to focus on your life and your priorities.


Take intentional and daily action to foster better connection, communication and community in your life.


Have an active pursuit of daily activities, choices and lifestyle that lead to a state of good overall mental and physical health.

This coaching program is designed to blow your mind and provide you with  the skills and strategies that can be applied to both your personal and professional life. Upon starting, you will gain wisdom and insight that will help you achieve your goals with minimum effort.

I have developed a range of powerful tools to help my clients gain clarity around the factors holding them back. From self-reflection exercises to candid conversations, this stage is all about creating a safe and supportive environment for my clients to explore their limitations and eliminate them.

This coaching process consists of eight CHAMPION stages, each designed to help individuals overcome a multitude of challenges to reach their goals.

I encourage my clients to freely choose the pace at which they move through  each stage. Plus, each step can be customized the to fit their unique needs for their commitment to overall growth.


The Steps

Create the Perfect Environment

Setting the Stage – Creating the Perfect Environment and Approach.
The environment and approach you take can have a significant impact on your performance and success. In this step, we'll explore how your surroundings influence your mindset, and how to design and control your environment to optimize your potential. Whether it's your office, training area, or conference room, I'll help you create a comfortable and flexible space that fosters growth and productivity. Most individuals tend to exist and function within the first phase, which is Unconscious Incompetence, where they are unaware of their mistakes.

Harness Awareness

In this step, we will dive deep into understanding our goals and the process of achieving them. Clarity is key, and by gaining a better understanding of our objectives, we can access higher levels of performance. We will work together to map out a course of action and create strategies and tools to help us overcome obstacles and achieve success. By becoming more aware of our actions, behaviors, and mindset, we can identify areas for improvement and develop the skills and habits needed to reach our full potential. In this way, you will be introduced to the best version of yourself and empowered to make the changes needed to achieve your goals. As you progress through your transformational journey, we are now entering phase 2, which is Conscious Incompetence - a crucial stage where we become cognizant of our limitations and areas that require improvement

Abolish Blind Spots

Eliminating blind spots is a major step in achieving success by identifying and overcoming obstacles and limitations that may be holding us back. In this coaching stage, we take a closer look at any blind spots that may be hindering our progress and preventing us from reaching our full potential. Through this process, clients gain a greater understanding of their personal roadblocks and become empowered to make meaningful change.

Make an Action Plan

The Training Camp. In this stage, we focus on putting the plan into action. Together with my help,  you'll build a personalized coaching plan that leverages your strengths and provides support in areas where you need it the most. I will act as your accountability partner and provide guidance and encouragement as you work towards your goals. This step requires courage, but with the tools and strategies developed in step 2, you'll have the wisdom and self-confidence to succeed.

Plan to pivot.

The Insurance Policy/Designing Counter-Attacks. In this phase, we will solidify our strategies with a strong support system. We will create backup plans for every situation to ensure success is reinforced and guaranteed. Every question requires multiple answers, and every perspective requires multiple angles. Confidence will receive a boost, and our vision will become a reality.

Having grown up in the Eastern Block and being a part of the Romanian National Team for over fifteen years, I have developed a distinctive perspective that can assist you in devising and executing numerous solutions to overcome any obstacle.
At the end of this coaching step, you will feel relieved and confident in your problem-solving skills, knowing that you have a strong support system and multiple solutions for any situation that may arise.

Implement Strategies

It’s time to take action – The preliminaries are over. At this point in our transformational journey, we are ready to put our plans into action. In this step, we are fine-tuning and finalizing projects. By now, we have a clear vision of how things need to be done, and we have achieved Phase 3: Conscious Competence.

Whether you are an athlete in a sports arena, a young business professional dealing with stress, or a motivated individual seeking answers, this step is your springboard. Now is your opportunity to practice what you have learned and implement your strategies to solve your problems. This is one of the most exciting parts of your journey because things are becoming a reality, and you are feeling energized and excited.

Omit and Resolve Glitches

As you progress towards your goal, unexpected challenges will inevitably arise. This is the phase where you take things to the next level and pay close attention to the fine details to ensure that everything is finalized. You're now dealing with situations that you may not have anticipated, but your confidence and ability to handle difficult situations will shine through.

Shifting gears, changing strategies, and adopting new tools are key drivers of change. My decades of experience as a professional athlete and an immigrant in the United States have taught him how to deal with setbacks and create effective strategies for moving forward. By now the client understands that discipline, and a strong work ethic, combined with a passion for growth, are essential ingredients for building self-confidence. Whether you're a business person, artist, or athlete, self-confidence is critical for achieving success.

By the end of this phase, your newfound confidence will be a tangible asset in your quest for success. You'll be better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way, and you'll have the final pieces of the puzzle in place to achieve your goal.

Nail the Gold. Delivery and Achievement.

This final step is where decisions are made and deals are sealed. It's like the award ceremony after winning a gold medal. The client has accomplished their goals and has entered Phase 4, Unconscious Competence. You the client has mastered healthy habits and effective strategies that are now part of their thinking system and action plan. They are now moving towards a place where they can help others and reach higher levels of success. This is a place where you'll attract like-minded people, understand body language, and trust your instincts at deeper levels.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a high school student, or a business person, you will distinguish yourself from others by how you talk, perform, and think.

Once you complete this coaching program, you will stop seeing problems and start focusing on solutions instinctively. The client will require much less energy to achieve goals that were once unattainable.

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Leo Frincu, a world champion and coach, has developed an 8-step coaching program to provide individuals with effective tools to achieve more with less effort. His philosophy is that people are often doing the right thing, but in the wrong way.
Leo's background growing up in communist Romania and winning world titles in athletics has allowed him to create a Peak Performance, Leadership, and Wellness Coaching Program that is used by world-class athletes and business professionals. Through his coaching program, he helps individuals achieve their goals in a more efficient and effective manner.
Having worked with athletes and business professionals for over twenty years, Leo has witnessed a variety of work strategies and techniques that help individuals solve problems and move forward. Many people believe that struggle is necessary for growth, but Leo believes that this mindset often makes things harder than necessary. His coaching program offers effective strategies to help individuals move forward faster and with greater ease.

Leo Frincu, IBC-HWC

International Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Performance Strategist & Leadership Expert