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Leo Frincu has been helping people reach their highest potential for over 20 years.

Leo Frincu
ICA Certified Health and Wellness Coach,
Performance Strategist, and Leadership Expert


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About Me

I'm Leo, a high-impact transformational coach

Leo’s job is to move you from where you are now to where you want to be and to do that in a way that allows you to take the reins and direct the process. YOU set the intention for the session, identify your goals, and bring forward any blockages or challenges. Leo will provide you with a structure and a process to achieve your goals.

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Coaching for motivated individuals seeking to take their body and life to the next level

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Leo's remarkable journey stands as a powerful testament to his exceptional business leadership skills. Over the span of two decades, Leo has solidified his position as a dominant force in the fitness industry.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Leo's journey as a professional athlete, culminating in his world title, is nothing short of extraordinary, and it holds the power to turn any client's dreams into reality. His deep-rooted involvement with wellness since the tender age of seven has shaped him into a true fitness expert.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

If you seek a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and wish to work with someone who truly embodies the essence of success in the fitness world, look no further than Leo who is committed to serve as the catalyst for your own triumphs and accomplishments.

What is coaching?

Working towards one single goal: your personal growth

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The underlying philosophy behind coaching is that everyone is resourceful and creative with energy, wisdom, ability and genius waiting to be set in motion. We can create the life we want faster and more easily by partnering with a coach who helps us identify and use these resources to facilitate change and realize our potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a unique methodology most often used forbringing about change. It has its roots in a wide range of theories andphilosophies and blends the best concepts from business, psychology,philosophy, sports and spirituality. But, while coaching borrows heavily fromthose practices, it is a distinctly different support role to that of a consultant,therapist or trainer. As a coach you will be an advocate, a sounding board, acheerleader, an accountability partner, a truth teller and a supporter.
What Coaching is not?
One of the most difficult things for students new to coaching is to "unlearn"what they think coaching is. CONSULTING, TRAINING and THERAPY are allcommon backgrounds for students of coaching, so the very first thing you needto do is understand how these things are different to coaching.
What is a consultant?
A consultant will typically be called in to solve a specific issue or problem. Often they will be specialists in this area, and have provided very similar advice and expertise for other organisations. Good consultant will always have a "coach approach' but nonetheless they are driving the solution.
What is a trainer?
A Trainer will typically conduct an analysis to identify a skills gap. They will then deliver training designed to close that gap through new skills and knowledge. Although coaching intersects with many Adult Learning Principles, more often than not, in a Training context the Trainer is the person driving the session.
Is this therapy?
One of the biggest differences between Therapy and Coaching is that coaching does not focus so much on the past. Coaches are not looking for why something occurred, but rather what it is their client wants to achieve and how they can best get there.

Results that speak for themselves

"Leo should get 10 stars.  He inspires me every time we work togetherto think differently and understand that a lot of what I think I cannot do really is in my head. Thatlast part is life changing and has made me a better person in everything I do."

Jeff P
CA at @ Los Angeles

"I work with the owner, Leo. In my first session, Leo told me "whatyou are going to do in this gym matters far less than what you are going to do outside the gym."

Bradley R
CA @ Studio City

"Leo is phenomenal! The training, or rather coaching I received from him isvery different from what I expected, in a good way. I never expected coaching to be life changing.However, my views have changed after working with Leo."

Portrait of a woman
Eve Y
CA at @ Los Angeles

"When I first started working with Leo, I had ideas of what I needed towork on. I knew I wanted to lose some weight, get fit and work on a few problem areas includingmy stomach, hips and arms. Little did I know that he was going to have me work on so much more."

Carolyn B
CA @ Simi Valley

"Leo is still running a tight ship -- but now even tighter. Still the best coach -knowledgeable and focused about getting you the most benefit for your effort."

Neal A
CA @ Studio City

"From my first session with Leo, I knew this was the perfect asskicking I would need to change some unhealthy habits that not only affect my physicalappearance /self-esteem but my perception towards business opportunities even dating."

Gabbriela A
CA @ Long beach

"If you're looking for exceptional physical and mental trainingLeo is the answer"

Portrait of a woman
Izvora D
CA @ Montrose
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