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Leo Frincu

Renowned coach, author, speaker and owner of Results Studio, a cutting-edge gym in Los Angeles, CA.

Leo Frincu is more than just a coach. He is a performance strategist who has helped transform business leaders and elite athletes world-wide. A world champion athlete himself, Leo learned the principles that will bring the results you desire, whether that’s losing 20 lbs or winning a world championship title.

Leo’s “High Performance Mentality” philosophy is unique, customized for your particular goals and desires. He will help you create a field of self-awareness that carries into every aspect of your life. You will learn how to live your best life, in the high performance body you want, every single day.

Leo says, “I don’t make promises, I deliver.”

To get Leo fighting in your corner, call 818.385.1121 today.

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An introduction and training invitation from transformational coach Leo Frincu.

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Leo training Ronda Rousey to win her first UFC Championship title.

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